Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what kind of universe

"we lead our lives, and when they end, sometimes we leave a little of ourselves behind. Sometimes we leave money, a painting, sometimes we leave a kind word. and sometimes, we leave an empty space." ~ george

"who decides what we look like?" ~ george
"i don't know. maybe this is what our inner child looks like when it grows up." ~ mason
"if that were the case, it looks like my inner child's road to adulthood was paved with crack cocaine, ten-dollar blowjobs, and maybe even a trick baby or two." ~ george

instead of death takes a holiday, dead like me is death gets a crap job and struggles to pay rent like the rest of us. death as a temp worker, as an ex-junkie, as a meter maid, as an aspiring starlet, as a father full of regret. the grim reaper, or reapers, they struggle just like you and i. dead like me captures the struggles of life, and the beauty in it, the stuff we take for granted but honestly live for; pancakes, music, family, love, escape, sex, understanding, friendship, connection, home. i love that these characters are not completely likeable, that they are full of flaws and fuck ups, and that they are still learning, even in the afterlife. i love the unlikely friendships, and the family-like bonds that form. and i especially love the relationship, and parallel storylines, that exist between george and her left behind sister reggie.

each and every character in this series is well-developed, and layered in things you love, things you loathe, and things you recognize in yourself; in both the love and loathe categories. i like to think in life we never stop learning, that we never figure it all out, that the search continues and the mystery is never completely solved. for me, the show takes that view of life and keeps it going well on into the afterlife. and really, it may be frustrating at times to never really know, but if we did not still have things to learn then why would we want to stick around and keep going?

365 loves: dead like me

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