Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the geography of it all

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"and i haven’t asked for much since i met her,
some courage and maybe some heart.
but jupiter, please, will you raise your fists and mend all that keeps us apart?
there’s the thing with her father,
the thing with me broken,
her new jealous ex and the press.
and each of them not much worse than the other,
but still pretty bad nonetheless.
because there are spiders,
under my skin when she’s not next to me."

thank you, musicisart, for a new musical introduction. lyrics that creep, just below the surface of my skin, and become the pieces of stories i might someday write. truths that were most likely not intended by the writer, but still they persist. it may be terribly self-indulgent, but when i enjoy things i cannot help but devour them, turn them on their sides (or sometimes inside out and upside down), and make them my own.

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