Sunday, July 13, 2008

i get the strangest feeling you belong

warm me up & breathe me: an edward and bella mix

"i cant sleep tonight."

"there is a darkness deep in you,
a frightening magic i cling to."

"every whisper,
of every waking hour,
i'm choosing my confessions."

"i didn't hear you leave,
i wonder how am i still here.
and i don't want to move a thing,
it might change my memory."

creep ~ radiohead

"you're just like an angel,
your skin makes me cry."

"i could possibly be fading,
or have something more to gain;
i could feel myself growing colder,
i could feel myself under your fate."

"and i haven't felt so alive in years."

"here is a plea,
from my heart to you,
obody knows me as well as you do.
you know how hard it is for me,
to shake the disease,
that takes hold of my tongue in situations like these.
understand me."

roads ~ portishead

"regardless of what they say."

"spin me round again,
and rub my eyes;
this can't be happening."

"confusion never stops,
closing walls and ticking clocks;
gonna, come back and take you home,
i could not stop that you now know."

"warm me up,
and breathe me."

"do you cry out in your sleep,
all my failings expose?
get a taste in my mouth,
as desperation takes hold.
is it something so good,
just cant function no more?"

"we might live like never before."

"i am tortured,
ever tortured."

"so, for tonight,
i'll stay here with you."

"if you weren't real i would make you up."

"whenever i'm alone with you,
you make me feel like i am young again."

"i'll follow you into the dark."


muruch said...

I take it you finally followed my advice and read "Twilight"? :) I knew you would love it! The 4th book in the series comes out in a few months.

lucy said...

i finally took some time to read...oh my stars i loved it so much. bought the other two books last night (julia is reading them - she stayed up all night last night reading new moon).

the 4th comes out august 2.

do you like all the others? i've only just read twilight.