Saturday, May 24, 2008

adam green, the troubador

"things won’t be strange any day now,
they change every day.
hey things won’t be bad all the time now,
stay bad all the time."

live at the troubador, adam green was charming and witty, energetic and silly, and just a damn good time. his music, touching on everything from rockabilly, blues, folk (or anti-folk, as i've heard him refer to it), glam, to indie rock, is infectious, and addictive; i found it hard to stay still in my place by the bar, ever wanting to spin around in circles, or rush to the front of the pit, closer to the stage.

adam seems to be one of those artists who are in-tune with their audience, exchanging connection and energy, and making on the fly set-list changes to fit the mood of the room. it helps when an artist does this in a small venue, and the troubador was the perfect setting for it. the audience, as wide-ranged as the songs, played along with all of it - dancing, shouting out requests, laughing, and interracting with each other. as i said before, infectious and addictive.

also, adam is just a sweetheart. genuine, humble, rambly, and nervous when we spoke with him. he is one of those people you'd just like to buy a drink for and tease a conversation out of, one that you know will wander all over the place, and back again, and have you both laughing and thinking, a lot.

he's a damn good time, truly.

adam green, the troubador, west hollywood, may 21, 2008


Kate said...

you didn't have to stay by the bar for me. ;-( feel bad now...

was most very fun..but best was to see you finally again..

he's adoptable...

lucy said...


why do you think i stayed by the bar for you? i don't do well with dumb boys in mosh pits, never have.

plus, we had our purses up by the bar.

and i'd agree, best was seeing you again.

love you!

Kate said...

oh good..blah then..

lucy said...

did want to dance though...his music was like that. next time we will spin and spin, yeah?

Kate said...

yeah I won't be broken and sewn up up yeah yeah yeah!