Wednesday, May 7, 2008

and i've lost myself completely

pacific coast highway (demo) ~ courtney love

"i knew a boy who came from the sea,
he was the only boy who ever,
knew the truth about me.

i'm overwhelmed and undersexed,
baby, what did you expect?
i'm overwrought and so disgraced,
i'm too ashamed to show my face.

and they're coming to take me away now,
what i want i will never have;
i'm on the pacific coast highway,
with your gun in my hand.

i knew a boy who left me so ravaged,
do you even know the extent,
of the damage?

my dirty little secret died,
in between the sheets,
and the promises that killed me,
from your eyes.

i'm bloody and totally bound,
i don't know what to do with my hands now;
i surrender, i give in,
i'll kick down your door if you don't let me in.

and i've lost myself completely,
i look to you, my true desire,
i'm on the pacific coast highway,
god how did you fall so far?

your whole world is in my hands,
your whole wide world is in my hands."

not the best video, as i'm not quite fond of a slide show of images, especially when so many are watermarked. but, this is the only full version of this song that i can find at the moment. this is a demo from courtney's upcoming album 'nobody's daughter', and i have fallen for it pretty hard. lyrics that rattle at the core of my insides, as i sit up far too late into the night still sick, and longing for a conversation with the sea.

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