Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so, what's the point of robbery if nothing is worth taking?

raised on mtv: part three:

stand and deliver, from the prince charming album, hit the u.k. radio charts in 1981. it was sometime in 1984 that adam and the ants, and the prince charming album, had it's impact on me. i was at lisa's house when i first saw this video, lying on the floor of her bedroom, her television right under a full-size poster of mr. ant himself. i remember back then that lisa would sign all her notes, passed to me in the hallway, as lisa ant. lisa, aimee and i used to walk through the hallways at school, with our arms linked, singing stand and deliver, your money or your life; aimee always making the distinct drum roll sound, as we sang.

perhaps it was the appeal of the new romantics, which is ironically not so different than the scene kids that julia associates her style to, that had us girls swooning over adam. or, maybe it was the appeal of the pirate lifestyle, the libertine code of conduct, the undertones of moral rebellion. stand and deliver was anarchy with eyeliner, and it was sexy, and appealing, to a group of parochial school girls in the midst of adolescence, and sexual awareness/awakenings.

and, it was a really keen song to dance to.

i spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention
the devil take your stereo and your record collection!


Joyce Hanson said...

I hope you've had many opportunities since parochial school days to enjoy some truly libertine conduct!

What's the point of robbery if nothing is worth taking? I think the answer to that is practicing the art of resistance and keeping those amorality muscles stretched, much as a yogi practices the discipline of self-control.

I met someone recently who challenged my own commitment to living freely outside of society. He's an anarchist, committed to stealing books from libraries and coming up with new ways to break the accepted code of conduct--in this case, having necrophiliac sex with his grandma within hours of her death.

Kate said...

love pirates myself..
I'm gonna love one the rest of my days.

Kate said...

Practice something that will snap you in the face... Flow and pass but push and it pushes back until you stop...cause if you don't and they do... you fall on the floor, so really you're fucked everyway with that one. Seems a waste of time. And with that resistance isn't amoral, it's merely pushing. What the hell is that?

So you are one of good and bad right and wrong? Based on your moral and value code, help us all if you've procreated.

stealing library books merely means you didn't pay your dues and half of America is guilty of that.

A true Libertine and/or pirate for that matter, has their own code of conduct, and those that band with them a shared belief in that code.
Shipmates, ports, love. They have merely pulled off a succession from a union and formed their own. Perhaps the only thing in a Libertine and Pirate, is their values very rarely waiver, unlike societal changes, when it's actually their true values and heart and not anarchy for anarchy's sake...which is evidently where sex with grandma comes in... that bucks against the rest. But you step back and look, he is not more or less than he ever proclaimed.

I'm sure this perhaps was meant to be funny.... there's nothing funny about it.....

Though I suppose should thank you greatly Joyce for being an idiot... I know whatever I'm withholding is not deep-seeded as the minute you flippantly spoke of libertines and resistance in such a manner I came unglued. For that I would kiss your nasty ass.

and yeah obivously little miss wannabe baadddd...

sorry laura.. you can scold me now. that last thing I've EVER wanted is online drama.. as i hate that shit. But she and her corpse fucking mind... can go walk the fucking plank.

Sorry Laura

Dale said...

Egad!!! I was going to say something about struggling to find my next song/video choice, and now it's driven right outta my head.

And are you the Kate that Laura has told me so much about? If so, HI!

Kate said...

Would any other Kate be so bold/make themselves an ass and feel safe on La's blog?
Aye, I'm sure that's me.

Nice to meet you Docs. mmmmmshooooes

If another song or video has been driven out of your head by my rant, could I suggest Good Old Days by THE LIBERTINES perhaps?

I happen to be very in love with a pirate and pop tart there hit a nerve. Though that makes me red faced.. as I do believe it's the first time I've released, said that openly and to a complete stranger who probably thinks I am as wacked as Cherry Pop Tart up there.

But if you've heard of me, or stories, then I don't suppose this falls out of line with anything. So.. hi hi hi. It's very nice to meet you.

I've a shoe fetish too. my daughter and sister have nicked all my docs, though :-(

for the record she did not "have" opportunities for debauchary and decadence she created them. But im not goin there, at least not tonight.

I swear it's almost a full moon. Is v rock edgey and emotional too Luce?

Dale said...

Ah, another Libertines/DPT/Babyshambles fan. Yup, you must be that Kate. The honor is all mine. *bows*
I've known our dear Lucy for over a year now, through MOG. Though her presence there is no more (*sniff*), our little online friendship continues.
I'd love to help you with your Doc-lessness, but these pretty babies are too beat up to share. They're only good for concerts and the occasional photo op. ;)

lucy said...

that is my kate, best friend for...what is it now? 27 years?

dale is wonderful, and yeah, we've been friends via mog for about a year, though have gotten closer lately.

he's a friend for keeps, i think. and those are rare to find.

Kate said...

Please don't bow... no need... a big old hug will do.

aww a keeping friend. Those are just yummy.

Is it 27.. yes must be our silver anniversary was... I feel old now.

Where's the go-go's,bauhaus, duran duran,souixie,my life with the thrill kill cult..hundreds of records and posters we used to go over, cut out record for each other. Yeah Im supposeed tobe doing budgets!! yippeee

Dale...concerts??? who, what, when, where lately? Favorite in last year? Least favorite and why?

Think I'm still a bit up in it. Was gracious enough to receive gifts of moon and water, but havoc it can create.

Another Libertines/DPT/Babyshambles fan, yeah you could say that. I couldn't resist though... fir a little too well.

But like lots of music really.

lucy said...

well, i've only had time to do the first three...this will be going on for awhile. so far, pretenders, pat benatar, adam ant.

dale did one for duran duran, i will have to, as well...you know what they were to me ;)

you should do this, too. i know a few that would be on yours: billy idol, sex pistols, echo & the bunnymen, psych furs...

and i'm pretty sure it's 27 years!

Kate said...

you might not get to four if I can't keep my mouth shut.

Perhaps I'll blog.. I hate where I write these days.

yeah they would be on there... Nelly the Elephant too!!!

Dale said...

Kate, let me tell you ... wait, there's too much, let me sum up.

I live in Wichita; there's not much in the way of concerts. The last show I've attended was Placebo in Kansas City last April.
Favorite show this year was most definitely Silversun Pickups at a small club in Oklahoma City in March. I got a fistbump and a setlist from Nicki. Fanboy alert! SQUEEEEE!
Least favorite ... um, I'll say Mute Math, not because they were bad, but because The Cinematics got such a short set. I tend to be real picky about concerts, since it's such an expense to go to one.

And yes, friends for keeps are the best thing ever.

Lucy, I also did Psych Furs as my second choice. I was thinking about Siouxsie for number three, but after our earlier conversation, i might go for "Separate Ways". haha

lucy said...

that's right...you did do the psychedelic furs as your second post...perhaps you and kate will be keeping friends, too.

siouxsie was almost my next one before i thought of stand and deliver.

and now i have separate ways stuck in my head!!!

Kate said...

Sounds lovely Dale on the concerts and picky is fine.

I had a thing for the furs-in fact every album thing. As my complusion has been to have everything done by one.

Billy Idol started my path to "boys." Traded my Michael Jordan poster for his Rebel Yell concert poster off of a friends older brother. I was too young to go. And thus began slowly stripping my tom boy ways. Had all his Generation X stuff too.

Luce and I saw Rilo Kiley this month and must say the venue sucked purple twinkies, (still better than House of Blues in Anaheim) and twas a brighter moment. Suppose it came right when needed too.

Kansas..tis one state I haven't been.

Dale said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, Kate.

I heard (well, read) great things about the Rilo Kiley show from Lucy, aside from the venue. I think the exact quote was "high school gym". You should be proud of her, she tag-teamed with our friend Blair and finally converted me to them.

You know, I'm surprised that either of us got to our third choice without considering Billy Idol. Hmm, go fig. I'm sure he'll come up real soon. Maybe "White Wedding". Mmm, yes, that would be the one. So many great symbols to deconstruct there.

Do me a favor, won't you? When you see Lucy next, give her a big hug for me. She's had a rough week, and there's only so much I can do from cyberspace. I'll repay you in full when we meet at Coachella. You ARE coming, aren't you?

Kate said...

I met Blair. He's an odd duck.

Worse than a high school gym as it was a cement floor.

Hmm coachella, Indio, Indio Indio???? Have you been there Dale? It's hot. And what I mean by hot is hot. Not Hawt..like uber cool man, not like it's a bit warm, like you know.. this place used to be called Gehenna but now only may-sept

Dale said...

Heh. I kinda picture Blair having trouble with first impressions. He's nice, once you get to know him.

I haven't been to Indio, but I did live in Tucson, AZ for five years, so I feel adequately prepared for a weekend in the desert. After all, if Indio is Gehenna, Tucson is the rim of the Abyss.

Mmm, lovely imagery.

Kate said...

Blair was really nice. I'm an odd duck too...just an odd duck.

Tucson =indio no difference

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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