Wednesday, January 2, 2008

like a ghost in my dreams

"we love and we never tell
what places our hearts in the wishing well.
love lead us into the stream,
and its sink or swim,
like its always been;
and i keep on loving you,
its the only thing to do.
when the angel sings,
there are greater things.
can i give them all to you?"

history lesson:
the ballad victims was released only in europe and was a surprising top 3 hit for an orchestral ballad in uk. boy george said once to the bbc that his lyrics were based on his life experiences, and that this song is about being brave and having strength in the darkest of nights.

- i always took this song to be about his relationship with jon moss, and the heartbreak he always referred to it as. the lyrics suggest longing, denial, and addiction. but, perhaps that is just what i took from it.

personal reflection:
it is near impossible to ever separate boy george's voice from my memories of tom, and the close connection we had together in the last two years of high school, and the one year after, before his death. this was a favorite song of the both of ours.i think we both felt that we carried the scars and badges of being victims, and at that age we had not yet sorted out how to get beyond the pain.

tom never got past feeling the victim. no matter how the three of us loved and believed in him, he let himself crash. maybe he had too many secrets, and far too many scars. they say when you are young it feels impossible to see tomorrow, much less have any kind of faith in it.

~ culture club

the 80's

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