Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is it bitter or sweet? all depends on your timing

between the bitter and the sweet: wash away my dreams: a b artist mix

"are we're moving in the right direction?
what is fate, if fate's immersed in shame?
a high price for the beauty of perfection;
i go when all i want to do is stay."

"it's only blood from broken hearts that writes the words to every song."

"someone wrote in red - start over."

"remembering when i saw your face,
shining my way, pure timing.
now i've fallen in deep,
slow silent sleep;
it's killing me, i'm dying."

"but you don't have to worry about those things we said,
it's past.
i just hope tomorrow brings you joy."

"take me where you want to,
then my heart you steal."

"and you may not think i care for you,
when you know down inside,
that i really do."

"i may not always love you,
but long as there are stars above you,
you never need to doubt it."

"you wouldn't walk away,
if my stories they weren't true."

"who sent me here with her regards for everyone."

"you're asking me will my love grow,
i don't know, i don't know.
you stick around now, it may show,
i don't know, i don't know."

"take a little picture in a photobooth,
keep it in a locket and i think of you;
both of our pictures, face to face."

"i feel fine enough, i guess,
considering everythings a mess."

"'cause we hurt each other once before,
let's not do that again."

"but youre makin amends,
through your circle of friends,
and youre trying to fit me to their mold."

"all lines are broken,
and we need you to hold on."

"walked in the corner of the room,
a junk yard fool with eyes of gloom;
i asked him time again,
take me in and dry the rain."

"london loves,
the way you just don't stand a chance."

"she breaks her heart, just a little too much.
and her jokes attract the lucky bad type."


Tom said...

"Something" and "God Only Knows" are easily in the top 10 most beautiful songs ever written. I'd even put "God Only Knows" in the Top 5.

lucy said...

completely agreed.