Monday, January 21, 2008

ticket stubs and the smell of popcorn

as much as i enjoy the comfort of the couch, and the convenience of the pause button, there is nothing quite like going to the movies. david and i have started to set time aside to see movies at the theatre that is just around the corner from where we live, as something that is just for us. i love the previews, the big screen, the creaky seats with cup holders and arms that pull up so that you can sit cozy and close together. i love the smell of popcorn and the feeling of an audience's reaction, whether it is cheers or gasps or resounding laughter. i love the movies where when the screen goes dark and the first credits roll everyone applauds. and, i love whispering back and forth, both as mini-reviewers for the previews and to quietly comment on the film in front of us. it does make a difference to watch a film in the theatre, the experience pulls you in deeper than any at-home viewing ever will.

and, i completely miss the drive-in.

365 loves: going to the movies

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