Tuesday, January 22, 2008

there's a lot of things you miss when you vanish into the ether

"i guess what it comes down to is maybe you really do only get one shot, maybe that’s the only unreasonable beauty of things." ~ nick
"the unreasonable beauty of things?" ~ hannah
"no matter that, seeking the truth, the incontrovertible reality." ~ nick
"yes?" ~ hannah
"we all fall in love sometimes, you know." ~ nick

without even knowing the connection this show had to one of my all-time favourite movies, beautiful girls, i checked it out after reading a small review of it in entertainment weekly, mid-season of last year. a writer returns home after ten years to re-discover and face the reality of the family, friends and love of his life he left behind. how could i resist a premise like that?

there is more to it than just nick and hannah (the writer and the lost love), though. this show has rich characters, smalltown quirkiness that i love (filmed in the downtown area of the city i live in), and a soundtrack that is full of songs i had almost forgotten about loving.

eddie and janet are probably my favourite characters, and romance, on the show -- but i do love nick, hannah and sam, too. this show stole my heart in the way that my so-called life and gilmore girls did; they all three had me before the pilot even ended.

365 loves: october road

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