Saturday, January 26, 2008

so you're super-connected now?

"all the freaks gather around,
and the crowd in your bedroom waits,
for a piece of your personal space.
are there heart strings connected,
to the wings youve got slapped on your back?
better climb in the window,
cause i'm closing the door."

who can explain connection really? who knows what takes us, and connects us, to each other. and once connected, is the cord ever truly severed?

super-connected ~ belly

song of the day


Pedro said... - listen to her songs there Lucy, she is an incredible talent.

bitterandrew said...

What a great band. I've been listening to their singles and EP tracks a lot recently. Their second album didn't get nearly enough credit.

lucy said...

thanks, i will check out adele's myspace; i really like what i've heard so far.

lucy said...

belly was such a great band. as much as i loved star, and i did, and do; i agree with you that their second release was very underrated, and was full of some amazing songs.

this business of words said...

i've never been sure of what it is about this performance, but it always makes me shiver, especially when i'm typing on the laptop, the speakers are as loud as they get and the song just vibrates through.