Saturday, January 26, 2008

where do we go from here?

not every voice was perfect, not every dance move broadway-bound, but there was something so genuine and infectious about the musical episode of buffy the vampire slayer that i have gone back to it, over and again. it was campy, it made me laugh in parts, and cry in others. i think it was clever, a way to break into the core of a show that had gone quite dark, and to mix a bit of light into it. that said, the songs were emotion-heavy, and with each song more truths were exposed about each character; their fears and feelings brought out in an episode appropriately titled once more with feeling.

a circle of friends who have ended up damaged and hurt, and how they go on from that. heavy stuff, really, and all of it set to songs and dance.

i hear there are theaters that show this as a rocky horror-esque sing-a-long, and the thought of it just makes me smile.

it was a bold move for joss whedon, and the buffy cast, to take on. i know it has been done before, and that there are those who probably cringed and deemed the episode as jumping the shark, but i loved it.

buffy: the musical

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