Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the phoenix from the flame

"you will learn,
you will rise,
you'll return;
being what you are,
there is no other troy,
for you to burn."
~ troy

there are parts of my very late teens and early twenties that can be defined by sinead's albums the lion and the cobra, and i do not want what i haven't got. they were the soundtrack that played through the falling part of relationships, and the breaking part of their subsequent endings. they were part of failings in love, trysts in the back of cars, those first big steps like moving in and getting married, and the background music to a divorce.

when i saw sinead play at the second lilith fair i cried through her entire set. she was incredible, and every song was like pulling back a band-aid; even though you are healed, it still stings when you take it off to check.

listening to her music today still does it to me, gives me chills and teary eyes, and makes me want to sing-a-long loudly.

365 loves: sinead o'connor

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