Sunday, January 27, 2008

she calls me moe, and i call her daddy-o

keep art alive; art by catherine brooks

dramarama's hi-fi sci-fi album was a recent find at amoeba. this album i had as a cassette, and later a cd that was lost in moves, lending to friends, or more than likely in the financial downfall in chicago when i sold my music collection. whatever the reason, it was one of those albums i had been meaning to replace for sometime, and as i had also wanted to bring home a surprise for david and this being one of his favorite bands, it all worked out well.

i was in my last year of high school when i discovered dramarama, buying both cinéma vérite, and box office bomb, at music market one afternoon. i saw them play in laguna beach on halloween the next year, and later in 1992, in downtown los angeles. they became one of my bands, the kind that you tell everyone about, and become completely passionate about. looking back, i know it was one of the first connections david and i had, and one that we have kept between us ever since.

incredible takes me back to the days i first lived on my own. my first apartment, there was always music playing and people coming over. i could not afford a television, so it was my stereo that i kept on all day, and all night. music was what helped soothe my insomnia, and the radio quite often became part of my every night lullabye.

i love the contents of this love song, the simplicity, the naivety. it is soaked through with young love, and those days of living on your own for the first time. it makes me smile, and remember.

"and we can’t live without our radio,
we gotta sleep with it turned on, you know;
so now we never sleep alone."

incredible ~ dramarama

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