Friday, January 11, 2008

why won't you just fall in love with me?

"let the temperature rise,
the birds of prey are mating;
and with you by my side,
the instinct is alive.
it might seem to appear that i am dead already.
i left all at your feet on the ground,
before i died."

on the train, in chicago, i read a book about jeff buckley's album grace. they mentioned joan wasser, and her relationship with jeff, and their times in new york. when i stumbled upon joan's album recently i was thrilled to actually hear who i had read about, her music and vision sited often as muse to jeff's unforgettable album. if you listen closely you can hear antony, of antony and the johnsons, haunting voice in the background.

this song, and the album, makes me want to pick up an otherworldly story i have been working on for the last few years, and get it going again.

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