Wednesday, January 30, 2008

when it used to take only one

"well my money's no good
when i'm up to no good,
no good ever comes from it all.

i got a really good heart,
i just can't catch a break,
if i could i would treat you like you want me to,
i promise."

tomorrow night i get to see ryan adams live for the first time.
my best friend surprised me with tickets last night, for us and her youngest son, who is dying to see a show (this will be his first).

i am so excited.


redhairedgirl said...

Fantastic! Have a great time!

Kate said...

Tee!! happy happy happy....
Can't wait to see Austin's face when he sees the band.... his eyes will sparkle

lucy said...

thanks, andrea.


lucy said...

austin will love it, i think. what a memory, and what a first show.

thank you so much, kate!

Kate said...

thank B*** and his kindness, "fatherly" in the "oh daddy!" sort of way.

Im also ordered to do something for the kids.