Tuesday, January 15, 2008

we belong to the city

"hi, i'm nancy drew. you must be the hardy boys." ~ mona ramsey

"he's a sweet boy, mona. i approve of him wholeheartedly." ~ mrs. madrigal
"you make it sound like we're married or something." ~ mona ramsey
"there are all kinds of marriages, dear." ~ mrs. madrigal
"i don't think you understand the trip with me and michael." ~ mona ramsey
"mona, lots of things are more binding than sex. they last longer too." ~ mrs. madrigal

i don't remember the first time i read the first book, or how many times i picked it up and re-read it. nor do i remember how many times i have watched the series. i do know that the characters in maupin's book became as familiar as friends to me, or as family. i have my favorites, and the one's i relate to the most, and the ones that i love regardless of what they do because some people you just love like that. i have been a mona to a mouse, and what mrs. madrigal tells mona in that quote always resonated with me. and everytime i read the books i remember how much i love the city of san francisco, and it makes me miss it, and want to go back.

365 loves: tales of the city by armistead maupin

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