Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sometimes when this place gets kind of empty

"wish i knew what you were looking for,
might have known what you would find.
wish i knew what you were looking for,
might have known what you would find.

and, its something quite peculiar,
something that's shimmering and white,
leads you here despite your destination,
under the milky way tonight."

there are a few songs that are so deeply embedded into my life that i cannot help but personalize them, and make them my own. we all do it, create a soundtrack of our lives, choosing songs to define moments of significance. under the milky way is one of those songs, and it means more to me than i could put into words.

365 loves: under the milky way ~ the church


Dale said...

Oh, I love this song; it's one of those key songs that reminds me of my freshman year of college, and feeling real freedom. I also had it played at our wedding reception.

Thanks for the memories!

Kate said...

tis funny My mom loves this album.
I bought it for her when she kept stealing mine.

lucy said...

you're welcome, dale. i have a lot of memories attached to driving and this song - kind of fits in with that feeling of freedom you mention.

lucy said...

you know, i so remember your mom loving that album. i vividly remember her sitting in the living room playing it over and over (well, not as over and over as my mom would be with one song - but still, i remember her playing it a lot).