Monday, January 14, 2008

a lyrical refrain

keep art alive; art by joshua petker

"i might lie a lot, but never in my lyrics." ~ courtney love

"even if you think the flame has died, there's at least one lyric that'll hit that last hot spot, and then you'll find yourself as fucked as you were the day you lied and said you never wanted to see her again." ~ john mayer

"who among us has not, in moments of ambition, dreamt of the miracle of a form of poetic prose, musical but without rhythm and rhyme, both supple and staccato enough to adapt itself to the lyrical movements of our souls." ~ charles baudelaire

lyrics are my language, and the emotion within song that bring out thoughts and feelings that sometimes are near impossible to articulate. i think i could carry on full conversations in lyrics and be happy with the expression that kind of interaction would bring. lyrics can shock me still, leave me breathless, throw me into a fit of tears, stop my heart, cause my head to spin, or make me burst and swirl in some kind of musical reverie. and, more often then not, they are words when i do not have any.

365 loves: lyrics

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redhairedgirl said...

John Mayer is so right.