Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the clouds will be a daisy chain

raised on mtv: part five

dear prudence, a cover of a song the beatles made famous, appeared on siouxsie and the banshees' album hyaena, in 1983. i remember thinking the video was hypnotic and the song, though familiar, took me by surprise. this would mark the first time i ever heard siouxsie sing, and would begin years of her being a favorite, as well as a style change that would end up sticking with me for over two decades.

watching it today i am noticing that this was the time in the band's career when robert smith, of the cure, was contributing to the music. i remember having this great picture of siouxsie and robert, on a postcard that i picked up in a venice beach record store, that had the two of them smiling with these mischievious grins. it was my favorite picture of them, a sight not seen too often; glee on the faces of the goth queen and king. i gave the postcard to an ex-boyfriend because he loved it so much, and he taped it up to the back window of his truck. it had been siouxsie that we had first spoken about when we met, so at the time it held a certain significance to us.

i think it was her flair for the dramatic that caught my interest, much more than the perceived darkness that often people like to associate with the goth scene. no one even called it that back then, deathrock or d.r., and really siouxsie was considered punk in the late seventies/early eighties. whatever you want to label it, i was intrigued by the look, though it took quite a few years to transpire before i had the courage to really try it on for myself.
it's funny, i look at julia's sense of style now - especially her make-up - and there is so much of siouxsie's look in it. it makes me smile at some of our similarities, she and i.

to me, the song and the video still hold up today; and siouxsie's dear prudence continues to be on my list of favorite cover songs.

"the sun is up,
the sky is blue.
it's beautiful,
and so are you."


Dale said...

This was the first Siouxsie video you saw? So cool! I didn't see this video until much later. My first was for "Spellbound", and it freaked me out. Later, I saw the video for "Cities In Dust" and fell in love. Now, of course, "Spellbound" is my favorite Siouxsie song.

I remember seeing a Siouxsie and Robert posted back then too, I wish I had bought it! They looked so cute together. Robert does the best Cheshire Cat grin.

That's it, I'm doing a Cure song next.

Dale said...

And, if you hadn't noticed, I made a widget on my MOG page with all of the Raised on MTV posts, yours and mine. I hope you don't mind.