Thursday, January 17, 2008

and i can't see why you want to talk to me

heather, at i am fuel, you are friends, posted about my most anticipated album so far this year. saturday nights & sunday mornings is set to release on march 25 (thanks adam, almost a happy birthday gift to me). adam duritz has this to say about the album:

"[it's] about dissolution and disintegration. it's about when saturday night happens and you lose all sense of yourself. and it’s about when you wake up sunday morning and look back at the wreck you’ve made of your life and you think, 'how can i possibly fix this? how can i ever climb out of this hole?' and then you start to try and climb."

cheers to the effort of climbing out of our holes, and finding the other side of disintegration. it may not be what you expect to find, but there are always sunday mornings, and another chance to find your bliss; at least that is my hope to believe in.

"and you know that i don't like you,
but you want to be my friend.
there are bodies on the ceiling,
and they are fluttering their wings.
it's okay that i'm angry,
but you never understand."

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Heather said...

i was reading something along the lines of saturday nights/sunday mornings that made me think. i always blamed that next morning not hungover but depressed state on catholic guilt. i never put together that alcohol is a depressant and ergo...the next day one might feel like shit. it's amazing the things that take years to occur to you, the simple things :)