Thursday, January 17, 2008

i talk to you in my head all the time

"you should dye your hair holly, you look like a virgin." ~ marina
"i am a virgin." ~ holly
"but you don't need to broadcast it." ~ marina

this film is the closest representation of the friendship between my best friend and i that i have ever seen, though there is a level of cruelty, jealousy and secret keeping between marina and holly that we have never experienced. the rest, though, is pretty spot on. growing up in such close proximity, going to clubs, trying out fashions, having our own addictions and breakdowns, falling in love with someone close to the other. i wish they were kinder to each other, though; that part always bothered me, and seemed off.

the soundtrack to the film itself is fantastic, as well. i love both, immensely.

365 loves: me without you

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