Monday, January 14, 2008

all the fear her love would bring

"she had the yellow eyes of opal moons
so full of love, how could she see?
he thought he'd drown in them
so he set sail
gracefully she dreamed him free

the indian ocean washed him on her shore
flat backed on a dirt packed floor
one eye on the door
you're ten thousand miles away
as the birds fly, and you want to die
because you let her go

you say, you say."

i've had this song for months and months now, yet never really heard it; and now, now i cannot stop listening to it. it is hard to re-open memories and see them for what they really are, it is hard not to see them as tragic, or beautiful. the look backwards of yesterday tends to make everything seem so much bigger than life. but really, all of it was just arms and oceans, promises and lies, and a little girl who thought she knew you so very well.

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