Friday, January 25, 2008

reminds my heart what love can yield

keep art alive; art by kristin burns

"paper paper obsolete,
how will you reach out to me?
i thought you'd ask me not to leave."

with each breath we change, we move, we disrupt the day before. and tucked in all of that - somewhere - is the truth. perhaps we find it in the wet streets that slick and shine just after a hard rain. or maybe in the lyrics of a song, the way someone else's heart can mimic our own. or is it in the quiet moments, when there are no other voices, no other sound. in the silence we find blank sheets of paper, reams of it, enough to build a paper castle to hide away in. but what is it that we write on them? or do we leave them blank, abandoning want and wish and chance?

i had a random conversation with someone i never talk to. one of those people who exist in my working environment, but who i never connect with. she told me a story about crabs, and how they are caught. that they are all put into an open lidded container, over-flowing to the point that they almost spill over. and yet, not a single crab ever escapes over the edge. she said the reason is that each and every crab pinches on to each other, keeping each other connected, yet keeping one another stuck in the bin. i left the conversation confused, and a bit shook up. do i want to be a crab, or do i want to topple over the side?

lonely, lonely ~ feist

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