Thursday, January 10, 2008

but if your feelings for me are true, you'll wait

"you know, in five years you won't even remember me." ~ willie
"william." ~ marty
"i'm formed, and your not, and you still have changes to go through. you'll change, and i'll be winnie the pooh to your christopher robin." ~ willie

there is something so beautiful about willie and marty's friendship. the heartbreak of first love, and of unfortunate timing. the thing that gets me about them, i think, is the conversations and the spark. i never bought for a second that they would wind up together, but i loved the idea that they brought something out of each other that was remarkable. there is heartache in it, you can see it in marty's eyes when she asks willie to wait, and when willie responds with the winnie the pooh analogy. but, in the end, they do leave a mark on each other's lives in the same way i like to think bob and charlotte do, in lost in translation.

beautiful girls is one of my favorite films, one i never grow tired of. part of it is the ensemble cast as i am quite the sucker for interwoven stories. the other thing i love about it is the human-ness about the characters, how they feel like real friends, and people we probably know in our own lives. and, the things that the film says about beauty, attraction, and love.

beautiful girls

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