Saturday, May 31, 2008

happy birthday max

on the last day of may, four years ago, you were born and in that time you have changed my life forever. you are the best bits and pieces of family, and of those who love you. you have connections on both sides of the ocean, and sometimes i think that you are some of that magic that keeps us all together.

since the first time you heard this song, and everytime since (no matter what version or incarnation), you have loved it. danced around and asked for it, again and again, especially the oh, oh, oh, oh's at the start. now you drum to it, as you seem to have rhythm and the count of numbers as part of your inner-workings. today you stood up on the arm of the couch and sang along, the vaccuum as your microphone.

four years ago you came along and there is not a day i am not grateful. you help me see the world differently, and you teach me about strength and gentleness, trust and silence, and to pay attention to the smallest details (like a change in breath, a barely there sound, the backbeat in a song). i love you, max. thank you for being my son.

happy birthday. and here, another go at the song. yeah, i'll turn it up all the way.


Sade said...

Happy birthday to Max! :)

Kate said...

I remember holding him only minutes old and crying at how beautiful he was.

Austin telling everyone he was the most precious pretty thing he'd ever seen. So enamoured yet angry at you for being the only one able to feed him. Breasts indeed, he had them too. oi that child.

Ashlee having another doll, constantly asking to hold and see him.

Drew his cool demeanor melting with babies always.

We all love him so much and can't wait to see you all tomorrow to celebrate at the park.