Friday, August 1, 2008

i put my hands where your wings should be

maybe an angel (live) ~ heather nova (video)

"something i feel,
you are an angel,
or maybe you couldve been.
something out here,
you are an angel,
or maybe you couldve been."

the cd came out of a bin of dropped off promotions from one of the record labels i worked with. this was back when i was still a buyer at tower records. i played it over the stereo speakers, on the sales floor, early one morning before the store opened. we were stocking for a new release tuesday and the in-store artist was hanging up some of his work in one of the windows. i was unpacking cardboard long boxes of cd-singles. this song came on and we both stopped what we were doing - and listened.

it was the live version we played that morning - the best version, if you ask me. he came over, and pressed repeat and smiled at me.

"i think we need to hear that again."

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