Saturday, August 30, 2008

this is my four leaf clover

head over heels ~ tears for fears (video, donnie darko)
head over heels ~ tears for fears

kate and i used to spend any extra money we had, or any holiday money, at record stores. we had a system, we never bought the same albums (though I suppose there may have been an exception here and there), because in many ways the collection we had as individuals were shared between us. we would carry our stacks home and invariably go to one or the other's houses, and make copies of each other's.

i suppose it was how we were with clothing and fashion. we never had much money, but we knew how to make the most of it, and we knew how to blend what we did have with each other. and yet, even though we shared so much (and as close as we've always been as friends) we always managed to still be our own person, or look like unique selves. even our music collections, and the records we carried home, were individual to our tastes and sensibilities.

this album, songs from the big chair, was one in her collection. i can vividly remember sitting on her bedroom floor, with my back leaned up against her bed, holding the album in my hands as we listened to it. this was the song i fell in love with.

the video, in the library, reminded me of lunches when a few of us at my high school would hide out in the back corner of our much smaller library. we'd sit up against the stacks of world books and encyclopedias, filling out slam books or paging through magazines. tom in his green sweater, the one i always remember him in, lisa sketching eyes and band names on the backs of her notebooks, or the sides of her shoes. none of us wanted to go back to the hallways, or into another classroom - but we were too afraid to leave.

sometimes it seems so long ago, and other times, it seems like just weeks passed from then until now. music brings those kinds of memories right back.

(i love how this song was used in donnie darko, it just fit - so perfectly)

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kate said...

Music Market! Ah I miss that store. stack and stack of albums and blank tapes.

I love you.