Thursday, August 28, 2008

sleepyhead where did you go

altogether ~ slowdive

shoegaze, dream pop, space rock, ambient; these are the terms that come up when the band slowdive is talked, or written about. i push replay on my music player and listen again, trying to see all those descriptions in the sounds. for me what i hear and feel is ethereal, sensual, and nocturnal. i close my eyes and imagine a dark room lit only by the twinkle-flicker of candles, the slight scent of vanilla in the air (from the candles maybe, or a stick of incense). the music tastes like a rich red wine, the kind that you drink slowly, the feeling of it trickling down your throat warming, and slightly hypnotic - like this song, like this sound.

to me it matters more how the music feels to me, then what bucket i can drop the sound into. i'm not very keen on labels, not in my life, not in music, not in anything really. even with films, my favorites are usually in some grey area that exists between the genre categories. perhaps my aversion to labels is why i struggle with writing proper music reviews (or any other type of review). i turn the music to inward, i think, and then the only things i can think to say, or write, are about my experience with the music - or what it brings out for me; memories, images, dreams. i suppose that makes my connection with music very self-indulgent, but it is what it is; the connection makes me happy.

this song, it soothes me.

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