Sunday, August 31, 2008

will you feel better

better (radio cut, alternate video) ~ regina spektor
better ~ regina spektor

"born like sisters to this world,
in a town where blood ties are only blood.
if you never say your name out loud to anyone,
they can never ever call you by it.

if i kiss you where it's sore,
if i kiss you where it's sore,
will you feel better, better, better?
will you feel anything at all?"

i adore regina. her songs are made of that stuff that lies between the dark and the sweet, the heartbreaking and the falling in love, the optimism and the jaded. she sings like she's lived in this world as a real girl, with skinned knees and a hopeful heart. her songs are the kind that i want to play over and over again, sing-a-long loudly to, and slip into music mixes that i make for people.

doesn't it make you feel better?


Anonymous said...

it does.
makes mE feel better.

. a .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sometimes a kiss from one close who breathes with you, does make it feel a mother kisses the boo boo's away.. so can we all to each other.

Sometimes a heart needs to share another for a bigger cause than oneself. Vrry few in this world remember such.

thanks Lalala for sharing. Needed that.
You have kissed so many of mine away in the past. Thank you for that as well.

lucy said...

the sisters part reminded me of us, and so the song was for you, kate.

you've done the same for me in the (is it 30 years now?) years we've been best friends & near-sisters.

i love you.


lucy said...

music makes things feel better, yeah? thanks for sharing music this weekend, . a .

Anonymous said...

Aye, it's been close to that or so... sick girl. Sisters and closer to the end, no doubt.

lucy said...

Yeah, I was the "sick girl" and you were the girl who played outside, dresses never did stand in your way.

Until the end. Always always always.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well you were never "sick" just yummy books and plays we put on, dolls and music...ah yes dresses,ripped the hems & pinned them. The tress awaited and things to mud up. Had to bring a bit of dirt to you.