Tuesday, October 7, 2008

and i'm so tired

good dancers (video) ~ the sleepy jackson
good dancers ~ the sleepy jackson

"don't always dream for what you want,
but i love to watch good dancers talk."

sometimes it is easier to twirl around in a dream, to wander around the world half-awake, with your heart still anchored to the bottom of a fantastical sea. there are no expectations in our own dreamworld, and not much of a chance at getting your heart broken. very few of us fantasize about disappointment and loss, so why not clone our souls so they can play among the other dreamers, letting the shell of ourselves do all those mundane tasks of a day?

everyone has to wake up though, every night ends when sunrise arrives. and sometimes, if you are determined and true to your self, you can grasp hands with something or someone from those dreams and bring them with you. a pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen and we dance around each other with sleepy-eyed clumsiness - you know how that looks; messy hair, sore muscles, pajamas still on. if it is what you want then it is more than a dream, and if you hold on to each other tightly it is more than a life.

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