Wednesday, October 1, 2008

& falling over you is the news of the day

"a race is on i'm on your side,
and hearing you my engines die.
i'm in a mood for you,
for running away."

it comes on unexpected, like the faded memories of a near completed dream. you wake up and rub your eyes, try to recapture what has just transpired in the subconscious film of sleep. you remember what you first felt, how it grew and how it stuck and stayed. distance and time, misunderstandings and unspoken goodbyes, there are consequences to all of it. but, sometimes something is strong enough to do more then just haunt the subject of your dreams. but if it is real, perhaps it can become more than wishes. perhaps it can be something like forever.

a favorite song of mine set to one of my all-time favorite films. this one...this one is for you.

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Anonymous said...

just wondering, do you like fish tacos?