Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm keeping you

keeping you ~ tanya donelly

"my heart's not new
i'm not like you
i've loved, and been loved well and badly too
my body's been through everything
i've used and been used
i got over it
there's something that you learn on a tightrope
just outside the spotlight there's a big net waiting for...
my return to wildlife."

(this song will always remind me of you)


& a little something else, seems to lend itself to the song, and the visual...or something like it.

momentary magic

he sat idly on the right side,
smoking section,
the back booth.
the exhaustion of a lost adolescence,
baking into his dark skin.
weary blue eyes,
the borrowed light reflecting from them,
oh, those eyes.

she was draped in crinkled up lace,
too much skin trying to hide
her volunteer insecure shake of a soul
hands shaking from the adrenaline,
or the drugs,
dark circled rings,
giving her a masked superhero guise,
straight from the shadows.

and they were not supposed to meet,
it wasn't what the fates provide,
that kind of magic.

he caught her wavering conversation,
took out a needle and thread,
weaving their words into one.
a giant quilt of blue and black,
their eyes casting the gossamer net,
into the ocean disguised as a hotel pool,
and they dove right in,
interlocking the dangling parts of who they once were.

but this kind of thing is not stable,
and there isn't room in the show for it,
that kind of wonder.

he left her in a bright spark of blue waves,
she followed soon after in a blackened sleep,
bottle of cures cast aside the bed.
both of their demises failed,
and they walked onto shaky ground.
spilling the dust of lost love and splinters,
wondering where they used to belong,
settling for less than that dream.

for the soul is only initially entwined,
when there is that kind of unexpected