Friday, October 3, 2008

we both have our demons crawling around inside

we've never lied ~ jessica lea mayfield

"and i'll kiss you like i want you to kiss me,
and i'll talk to whoever i goddamn wanna."

i discoverd this artist, and a few of her songs earlier today and could not help but fall for her voice and lyrics more than a little bit. this song especially, i cannot seem to stop hitting that replay button. something about the spirit of it, something about the words strung together, it reminds me of the way i love.

i like to believe that love is limitless. that it gifts this life with hope and possibility. and that if you allow yourself to open, to love despite obstacles, and to somehow manage to not be afraid to fall - well, what more could you want? and truly, how could you go wrong.

sure, you might trust your heart to the wrong person, and you may be the one that loves more, or less. you may find yourself stuck in some shakespearian unrequited love thing, the kind of love that rips you apart slowly from the inside, dismantaling the person you are. but even in that kind of love, do we not actually gain? in all of it...somehow...just the allowing yourself to love - well, to me that i living.

give what you want to have given, love as if tomorrow never comes, and try not to run and hide when things feel vulnerable, and close, and maybe a bit impossible. i don't know. it reads well on paper, or tumbling across a computer screen...but i know most days love is a scary thing to me. and yet, despite the fear, or in spite of it, i love; and i talk to whoever i goddamn want to.

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Wow. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this. Lovely post, m'dear.