Monday, October 13, 2008

it's just me, and i'm playing this rock and roll thing

"you look into her eyes and it's more than your heart will allow
in august and everything after, you get a little less than you expected, somehow..."

and when autumn comes i feel warmer somehow, more alive, and i feel things so deep that my eyes are perpetually tearing. but i cry at everything, every emotion that hits me. some tears are not sad, some tears are the realization that you are falling, like the leaves, just hoping that you'll be caught, and held

and in august and everything after, sometimes when i think hard, close my damp eyes, i believe in wishes, and in you.

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Peter N said...

We are going to see The Crows with The Hold Steady on the saturday before xmas. Soooooo looking forward to that gig.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments.