Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i want to tear down the walls that hold me inside

where the streets have no name (live) ~axis of justice (featuring flea, brad wilk, tom morello, pete yorn, tim walker, serj tankian, maynard james keenan, and jonny polansky)

i love moments when you stumble upon something musical that you missed somehow before, but can now listen to now, and enjoy. i never knew about the axis of justice concert series, or any of the musicians involved in it until late last night.

this song has always been a favorite of mine from u2. ever and always one of those songs that I have turned up the volume to, especially in my car, and sung along. there has been times when the lyrics made tears fall down my face as there is something deep in the emotional make-up of this song, in the spirit of it, and the lyrics, that just shake me up.

it reminds me of chance, of hope, and of that ever-present gypsy soul that lives within me that often wants to just get in the car and drive until i run out of gas. find myself both lost and found in the world somewhere, cellphones and email out of reach, left with nothing but the people i love and the earth and the shared experiences between touch, conversation, and living.

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