Friday, November 30, 2007

five fun facts (and two questions)

keep art alive; art by sas christian

* i dyed my hair the same color as the girl in the painting above, though my hair is much longer (for now).

* i watched 'playing by heart' last night and realized that it had been quite some time since i'd seen it last; most notably because i no longer relate to joan, but found myself feeling an uncanny affinity to meredith. also, the inclusion of goodnight moon brings me to the kind of tears that are better described as sobs, every single time.

* december is upon us, and is here for some of us. i am a bit crazy about this time of year, but not for all the commercialism and everything revolves about money and marketing kind of ways. i'm a sucker for twinkle lights, decorated houses, holiday specials, advent calendars with chocolate inside, good christmas music, and the smell of sugar cookies and hot cider.

this brings up a question for all of you, in two-fold: what is your favorite holiday film and/or special? and, what is your favorite christmas song, and who sings/performs it?

* it has been raining all night here. the kids and i went out in it to run an errand and julia was trying to get max to sing "i'm singing in the rain", but he said "no, not singing, it's christmas rain." and then he did threw the rocker hands. it was one of those moments i'll always remember.
* i had peruvian food for the first time this afternoon. it was amazing.

what are five things about you today/tonight?


Dale said...

You dyed your hair? Oh, okay. I was just thinking how well those soft brown highlights matched those big pools of amber you call eyes. Umm, right. Moving on.

My favorite holiday film is "It's A Wonderful Life." I identify so much with George Bailey, how my life has turned out nothing like the grandiose plans I had in my head, but has turned out really well nonetheless.
My favorite Christmas song is "O Holy Night". Just about any version makes my skin crawl in the good way. I'll get back to you with a definite version.

Five things:
I washed my cell phone this weekend. RIP. I might as well have sawed off my hand. The replacement will be here tonight.
Morgan and I won an obstacle course competition at our campout, despite my wardrobe malfunctions. More to come.
I just made a huge batch of white beans and brown rice, and now know what I will be eating for lunch for the next two weeks. I even made my own chicken stock, from the bones of a rotisserie chicken we ate on Saturday. Yum!
I may only have six hours of lag on Multiply. That's better than the 12-16 hours from last week.
I finally managed to get back into the shape I was in before Thanksgiving vacation. Yay!

I do hope you're feeling better. Sending many hugs and well wishes.

Me said...


I found your blog, through a blog I read and love your question.

Alright. Holiday movies. It depends. If you're feeling warm and completely full of the warm of the "holiday spirit," then I completely recommend "Love Actually."

However, if you're looking for some insight into the subdued sadness that often accompanies the Holidays, I heartily recommend the movie "Noel." It's bittersweet, yet lovely.

I'd watch both together. In fact, usually do.

However, as a non-religious Muslim, you're on your own for the song thing. I don't get Carols. At. All.