Saturday, November 24, 2007

she heard the melody rise and fade

keep art alive; art by stella im hultberg

fate is something that invades my thoughts in the very early hours of morning. everything is silent and still, nothing but the twists and turns of memory recall, and the faces that dance across the inside of each eyelid as you close them tight; one more hour, you think, one more moment to slip back into a dream. it is then that i wonder on things like chance and predestination. do we just stumble upon people, bumping into them randomly, sticking to the ones who we catch light off of? or, is there something that pushes us along, leads us to doorways and someday nicknames that a familiar set of eyes and a smile will gift us; someday. when our words spill out with similarity, and synchronicity, is it a chord of connection that we are just discovering, or is it because our paths were designed to eventually cross. the synapse gives off a spark that brings us closer, and it is something like deja vu, or the remnants of a dream. it is something close to a simple twist of fate, isn't it?

"they sat together in the park
as the evening sky grew dark,
she looked at him
and he felt a spark tingle to his bones.
'twas then he felt alone
and wished that he'd gone straight
and watched out for a simple twist of fate."

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