Friday, November 23, 2007

the little girl cried

"on heavenly rain
you fell into my life
unforgettable smile
unforgettable lies
in the name of the cross
or a banner of love
with the hand of a friend
or under a blanket of trust."

summer sun that stayed in the sky well into the night. we kept our skin pale by staying undercover in cars, building alcoves, and beneath the shade of a dozen or so piers. the sound of the ocean and the laughter of kids running across the sand blended in with the flip and switch of every new mixed tape we made. this song, a favorite of yours, became a late summer staple; a permanent record of the love we shared.

you taught me how to trust in the words and hand-holds of a relationship that was built out of an amazing friendship. they say you never forget your first love, or the music that accompanied those first kisses and the eventual heartbreak. i shed more tears over you then i would ever let fall from my eyes again. but, that said, i also experienced more utter bliss then i will ever forget.

this song will always remind me of summer, of sand that never left the floorboards of my car, of fresh oranges cut up and floating in iced tea, of vodka drinks and promises spoken - sometimes honestly, and other times in vain - and of you. i never regretted a single moment of it all, not even having to let you go.

"pull down the old slums
to build the new
pull down the love
i built with you
promise of tomorrow
you never kept
and you try to burn the house down
when i slept
the nation's in disorder
there's chaos in my heart
we've got to get together
before we fall apart."

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