Wednesday, February 6, 2008


"if heaven and hell decide,
that they both are satisfied,
illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs;

if there's no one beside you,
when your soul embarks,
then i'll follow you into the dark."

thank you for understanding me.
i love you.

i will follow you into the dark ~ death cab for cutie


Kate said...

i like death cab but this song is on my "I Date Kate" cd.

lucy said...

the i date kate cd.
i remember that.

Kate said...

but kid and nic are playing tomorrow night. Did you ever see them with me? I don't think you have, as it was the jeff\mic time. Jeff went to school with her. You really should see them sometime they make me laugh laugh laugh....

lucy said...

i haven't, but i saw your myspace blog about them. i'll have to check them out sometime.

Kate said...

yeah she's the cake lady... how did you get served cake? Ummm MUSE,Chase...and my hat of course.

lucy said...

i love it...mmmmm...MUSE?

yeah. it's the hat. must be. and bananas. and tour vans.

Kate said...

you know Bananas... Im gonna have to find a new name for that fruit...ugh and the bar no no NO.

Yeah that was the strange hug it out night wasn't it?

Hey it was a lovely hat!! And that night I was told to say bananas, and pineapple.. nearly all night. Fucking fruit salad turns you on? Evidently I say peaches amusingly too..

Ack the tour van..that was the hug out girl night...and the glow stick attached to my garters night, and that... shit i could go on and on on the night yeah? Wasn't it all that night

lucy said...

it was that same night, all of it, and probably a thursday knowing us and considering.

you do say bananas cute. sorry, but you do.


hug it out! ack.

i love you.

Kate said...

Oh it surely was a Thursday.
That evening is as bad as a full moon.

Poor you I made you follow me through the bad door.

Kate said...
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