Tuesday, February 5, 2008

but yesterday when i saw your eyes in a black haze you didn't even know my name

"but we're all happy cause the streets they're always there for us,
and it's quite scary when you wake up in the same old clubs.
it's getting darker,
and i know this time wasn't meant for us,
so won't you please please please come back to me."

a string of songs are holding hands together, and circling around me as i write. a soundtrack, though unintentional, is slowly building around the story i am creating and it makes me realize how connected art is, and how intrinsically linked i am to music.

no need to fight it, though, the music pushed along the first words on the page, and it keeps me going. my muse is a mix of songs, and no one is suprised.

please please please ~ the shout out louds

song of the day


BeachBum said...

One of my favorite songs. Pick up their new one 'Our Ill Wills' if you haven't already.

lucy said...

i haven't yet, but next paycheck i see a much needed trip to amoeba on my horizon. i will definitely pick it up.