Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i'm happy to be your fool

keep art alive; art by martin pulaski

"and i was busy finding answers while you just got on with real life,
always hoped you'd be my wife.
but i never found the time,
for the question to arrive;
i just disguised it in a song.

and songs,
are never quite the answer,
just a soundtrack to a life,
that is over all too soon."

a found photograph of a girl who shares my name, back in a time briefly before i was born. catch a glimpse and i start coloring in the gaps and lines, filling in the blanks of where she is off to, and who is running through her mind at the moment of snap and click. the photographer notes that she is on her way to work, but there is more below the surface.

there is always so much more below our surfaces.

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