Wednesday, February 13, 2008

she's been looking over a lot

"it's uncomfortable all night to sit,
get on the dancefloor, it's a direct hit."

art brut makes me want to dance, and be silly giddy happy, even though i feel feverish and sick.

direct hit ~ art brut

song of the day


Kate said...

I'd love to watch you dance to watch lovers dance..and old couples.. and children this day.

Tis not just alover's holiday... yeah?

Thank you for this morning. I believe work is sending me home. Something about looking like shit in my eyes. Ack...
and yeah two male gay lovers. Only for you would have one of THOSE things attached to me

lucy said...

i'm not a fan of this holiday, but this year i am liking it a bit more.

and yeah, not just for lovers - for love.

gay boy lovers forever. huzzah.

get some rest, darling.


Kate said...

Yes I'll be your gay boy. Only way I'll be a boy though La.

And yes it's going to trial. Court was fun fun fun!! judge fined her money payable to us for bringing us in on an ex parte, She started to chase her attorney screaming.

Big surprise eh? Sometimes my work just odd. I laughed my ass off... but tis sad that you see onescreaming andyelling when tis herself that got her into it. Lashing out at everyone round her. I wanted to give her a hug and ask her why she needs to throw it like that. To sit and have a cuppa. But those like that, hide the issue in a story anyway. Would do no good.

Im the enemy... so I sat back lifted and eyebrow and enjoyed the show.

But many lovely well wishes and gifts today. I have an armful already.

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