Friday, February 1, 2008

makes me want to be a little stronger

ryan adams & the cardinals at royce hall ucla, california, january 31

keep art alive; art by nobodygrrl

"baby, i know you cannot hear me now,
'cause you're fast asleep,
but, i love you now.

colors inside your head go spinning around,
like a ferris wheel,
exploding and falling to the ground.

oh, people are screaming,
people are screaming,
my baby, she's dreaming.

oh, people are shouting,
people are freaking,
i'm just staring at the ceiling,
waiting for the feeling."

i have much more to say, and will sort out a more (i'd say "proper", but my reviews are nothing near "proper") detailed review later. all i want to say, right here and now, is ryan is amazing; pretty much fucking amazing. and, i see monsters blew me completely away. i am still completely unhinged by it.

just wow - i mean really - wow.

thank you, kate. i needed the music more than i have words to say.


kathleen said...

You are welcome. Was far beyond good show... and yeah I see monsters pretty much held one.

kathleen said...

austin loved it

redhairedgirl said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

lucy said...

i'm glad austin loved it. thank you again, so much.

lucy said...

thanks, andrea.

it was an amazing show.