Thursday, March 20, 2008

all weather and noise

"i waited for an hour last friday night,
she never came around,
she took almost everything from me.

i'm going through my closets,
trying on her clothes, almost everyday.

i could have been anyone you see,
i wish it was anyone but me,
nothing but pills and ashes under my skin.

american girls are weather and noise,
playing the changes for all of the boys,
holding a candle right up to my hand,
making me feel so incredible.

if i make you cry,
you tell me why
i'll try again,
if you'll let me try."

ever since the new songs were singing in my ears i've been on quite the counting crows kick. this song, everytime i hear it i love it more. i think, first time around, it was one of my less favorites from hard candy - but now, now i cannot seem to get enough of it. it is impossible not to sing-a-long with, in that roll down the windows and blast the radio, and scream-sing kind of way. sometimes there is nothing quite like it - nothing quite like that kind of release. better than sex, i tell you. well, mostly.

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