Friday, March 21, 2008

and i haven't felt so alive in years

"the moon,
is shining in the sky,
reminding me,
of so many other nights;
but theyre not like tonight."

i heard this song on the radio this morning and immediately thought of a movie that kate and i used to be obsessed with. we had our three movies that we rented so often the woman at the video store eventually just set aside on a shelf for us.

this movie - modern girls - along with dogs in space and sid and nancy.

this one, though, i think we had the characters we related to, songs (like this one) that we sang along to, and clubs and moments that we recognized as us.

i need to get a copy of this - maybe two - so we can both have one.

i love you, kate.


Kate said...

oh my oh my oh my OHMY


lucy said...

clifford was such a darling, wasn't he?

Kate said...

he was an odd sort...yeah adorable..

lucy said...

the cute geeky thing going for him.

Kate said...