Friday, March 14, 2008

she is running to stand still

"you got to cry without weeping,
talk without speaking,
scream without raising your voice.

you know i took the poison,
from the poison stream,
then i floated out of here.

singing ha la la la de day,
singing ha la la la de day,
ha la la la de day."

feeling overwhelmed tonight, so i'm reaching out for some musical comfort. this is one of my most favorite songs.

i remember when this album came out. i was living in my first apartment, julia's dad and i (though it was before there was a julia). we did not have a television, but we had a stereo and a rather large combined music collection.

we had very different tastes, but every so often it overlapped. this song, and album, was one of the overlaps.

he learned to play this on the guitar for me. i'd actually forgotten that. sometimes so many bad feelings become your memory of someone that you neglect the recollection of anything good.

one night he played it while i sang along.

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P said...

'member to breathe.