Thursday, March 6, 2008

three steps to heaven

coffee and a found journal, interesting to look backwards in this sort of way. a glimpse into a not so long ago past, yet so much has changed.

i'm putting together a mix for tania. the story she's writing has me digging out music that i haven't heard since i used to take road trips with my grandparents. eddie cochran was a favorite of my grandfather's. every so often we'd find a diner that had those tabletop jukeboxes, this was one of the songs he always chose.

excerpt from the journal i found...

but my body still has that strange tense caffeine hangover that i haven't experienced since those nights melissa and i would stay up too late. cup after cup of coffee. mochas sometimes. she would always switch to decaf after 10pm. i'd always think "what's the point of coffee without?. so insomnia would mix with the caffeine and i would stay up most of the night writing. or pretending to sleep and writing. in my head. thus was last night. trying to talk my body into sleeping. and writing in my head. wish i'd written it down. i had this poem forming. felt this rhythm blending in. and then i finally faded into hazy dreams. woke up to law and order on the television. always sucks me in. when it was finished the poem was gone. ah well. it was out there somewhere. in some kind of sleep limbo. in reality purgatory. it is dancing with to-do lists forgotten and love letters that never saw pen and paper. i hope it has a better day than i.

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P said...

Step one - you find a girl to love
Step two - she falls in love with you
Step three - you kiss and hold her tightly
Yeah! that sure seems like heaven to me