Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'll probably be the last to know

"its always been wait and see,
a happy day and then you pay,
and feel like shit the morning after;
but, now i feel changed around, and instead falling down,
i'm standing up the morning after.

situations get fucked up,
and turned around sooner or later;
and i could be another fool,
or an exception to the rule,
you tell me the morning after."

you forget that i know you as well as i do, that i am not fooled by these behaviors. i am not going anywhere, though, just so you know.

it is only from hurt that we lash out at those we love the most. seems an unfair strategy as we all lose in the end of that kind of a battle. suppose it is not the wise or expected move, but all i am going to do now is open my arms up. we all have pain, yeah? i know i have my share that i am battling. so, just gonna hold tight and stick around instead.

with love, we can get through anything.

say yes ~ elliott smith

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