Saturday, March 8, 2008

if you close the door, you'll never have to see the day again

1* this space has changed a bit in recent days. the volume of content reduced, and the creativity along with it. this is due solely to a work of fiction that i am writing, or as i like to say, is taking me over. the past themes may return eventually, but for now this is where mostly music that is moving me will reside. i need to be lost in my writing for awhile, nothing personal.

2* the five songs that my itunes tells me i've been playing most often (incessantly) lately:

norwegian wood (this bird has flown) ~ the beatles
tonight the streets are ours ~ richard hawley
say yes ~ elliott smith
panic attack ~ dirty pretty things
breck road lover ~ the libertines

3* something that has been nagging at me recently, especially the last few days. when a decision is made to stop talking to someone, to just not respond, or to talk to them but put up obvious signs that you are upset and/or unhappy with the person, why do that? why not just come out and say "hey, you did something that is bothering me", or "i'm not sure i can talk to you right now", or even a "it isn't you, it's me" (yeah, i know, i hate that one, too). but honestly, it is the kinder thing to do. and, in the end, it will help all parties involved understand.

i would rather have someone tell me to fuck off then be ignored, or treated strangely, any fucking day.

4* oh my stars, how i love a keen cover song - after hours (the velvet underground cover) ~ rilo kiley

5* ask me something, anything really, and i will weave it into a post (music-included).

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